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Visiting Assistant Professor of Media, Culture, and Communication at NYU. Writing a book: Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism. Interests: gender and sexuality, political identity, consumer culture, social media.

Examples of Queer Readings & Remixes



Morgan’s project:

Saad and Michele’s project:


Responses to “Queering Pornography”

Please use the comments section here to post your responses after reading the essay “Queering Pornography” by Zeb Tortorici. Please include at least two questions that came up for you as you did this reading. You may post anonymously (include initials so I can give you credit) or while logged in with your wordpress name.

Media Analysis Assignment

Please go over these instructions carefully.

For this assignment, you are asked to analyze a cultural text of your choice, using analytical tools and vocabulary gathered from the course material. Your options are unlimited – you might choose to analyze a song, television episode or series, film, music video, advertisement, fashion object, artwork, public exhibition, website, etc. Your essay should have a clear thesis — a point you want to make about your text in relation to queerness and popular culture — and should be structured so as to support that thesis convincingly.

We will discuss/workshop your thesis statements in class on 3/10, so please come prepared that day with your thesis typed out, along with a loose outline for your essay (I will check off that you have it – this will make up 10% of your assignment grade).

The final version of your post must be uploaded to the class blog by 3:30pm on 3/24/14. Essays posted or revised after the deadline will be subject to a point deduction. I will read and give feedback on drafts during my office hours (Wednesday 3/12 is the last day for this).

Your final post will be evaluated using the following rubric:
___Thesis is clearly stated
___Thesis is clearly and convincingly supported with evidence
___Structure of the essay is logical and clearly organized in support of thesis
___Understanding of the course material is clearly demonstrated
___Course material is used appropriately to provide insightful and original analysis
___Essay is not overly weighted toward summary/description of the text analyzed
___Post is enhanced by relevant images and/or clips embedded into the post
___Post is approximately 1250 words in length
___Post is free of typos, grammatical errors, and formatting mistakes
___Post includes a full bibliography for all academic sources used. Sources should also be cited parenthetically in text. Any non-academic/online sources you use should be hyperlinked in text.

Let me know if you have any questions! (You can also post questions to the comments section here and I will address them publicly.)