Week 1: Introduction/Defining “Queer”
1/27: No readings – introductions
1/29: Bornstein, excerpts from Gender Outlaw: “Transgender Style” (3-4); “The Hard Part” (7-14); “The First Question” (101-111); “The Other Questions” (113-140)
Smith, “How I Became a Queer Heterosexual”

Week 2: Queer Theory
2/3:   Jagose, excerpts from Queer Theory: An Introduction: “Introduction” (1-6); “Queer” (72-100); “Afterword” (127-132)
2/5:    Gauntlett, “Queer Theory and Fluid Identities”
Sedgwick, excerpts from Epistemology of the Closet
Butler, excerpts from Gender Trouble

Week 3: Queer Presence in Film
2/10: Halberstam, “Queer Temporality and Postmodern Geographies” (Download from NYU Library)
Sexsmith, “Jack Halberstam: Queers Create Better Models of Success”
2/12: Theory Homework 1 due at start of class
Gross, “The Mediated Society”

Week 4: Queer Presence on TV
2/17: No class (Presidents’ Day)
2/19: Joyrich, “Epistemology of the Console”

Week 5: Queer Presence on TV, continued
2/24: Becker, “Guy Love: A Queer Straight Masculinity for a Post-Closet Era?”
Sedgwick, excerpt from Epistemology of the Closet (pp. 183-188)
2/26: Miller, “Masculinity and Male Intimacy in Nineties Sitcoms: Seinfeld and the Ironic Dismissal”

Week 6: Queer Presence in Music & Fashion
3/3:   Poulson-Bryant, “‘Put Some Bass In Your Walk’: Notes on Queerness, Hip Hop, and the Spectacle of the Undoable” (NYU Library link)
Tongson, “‘Same Love,’ Same Old Shit?”
3/5:    Explore

Week 7: Queer Presence in the Marketplace
3/10: Sender, “Selling America’s Most Affluent Minority”
3/12: Williams, “Gay by Design, Or a Lifestyle Choice?”
Hjorth, “Pop and Ma: The Landscape of Japanese Commodity Characters and Subjectivity”

Spring Recess 3/17-3/23

Week 8: Queer Sex
3/24: Queer Media Analysis must be posted to website by 3:30pm
Tortorici, “Queering Pornography”
3/26: Tortorici, “Masturbation, Salvation, and Desire Connecting Sexuality and Religiosity in Colonial Mexico”

Week 9: Queer Practice
3/31: Rubin, “Thinking Sex”
Piontek, “Redrawing the Map of the Gender-and-Sex Landscape”
4/2:   Portwood-Stacer, “Strategic Sexuality: Polyamory, Queer Self-Identification, and Consent-Seeking as Activist Interventions”
Recommended: Listen to Episode 1 of the Sex for Smart People podcast (you can skip the music if you want to)


Week 10: Queer Readings
4/7:   Doty, excerpts from Making Things Perfectly Queer
Lipton, “Queer Readings of Popular Culture”
4/9:   Theory Homework 2 due at start of class
Research Project assigned

 Week 11: Queer Spaces
4/14: Readings TBA
4/16: D’Emilio, “Capitalism and Gay Identity”
Chauncey, Introduction from Gay New York

Week 12: Queer Publics
4/21: Gray, “From Walmart to Websites”
Warner, “What’s Wrong with Normal?”
4/23: Rodriguez, “Divas, Atrevidas, y Entendidas,” focus on pp. 23-31
Rodriguez, “’Welcome to the Global Stage’: Confessions of a Latina Cyber-Slut”
Project proposal due via email by class time

Week 13: Queerness in Global Flows
4/28: Manalansan, “Introduction: Points of Departure”
Manalansan, “‘Out There’: The Topography of Race and Desire in the Global City”
4/30: Boellstorf, “I Knew It Was Me: Mass Media, ‘Globalization,’ and Lesbian and Gay Indonesians”
Savcı, “Who Speaks the Language of Queer Politics? Western Knowledge, Politico-cultural Capital and Belonging among Urban Queers in Turkey

Week 14: Workshop week
5/5:    Work on Research Projects
5/7:    Work on Research Projects

Week 15: Final Reflections
5/12: Research Project must be emailed/posted to website by 3:30pm
5/14: Final reflection must be emailed by 4pm